The QC365 Conception Story! Aha!
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Back in 2008, I was directing and choreographing a new figure skating production for Holiday on Ice called, ‘Energia’. At the first meeting of the cast, I told them that ‘Energia was a place, a space, an environment to learn, grow and connect’. I saw amongst them many glazed over eyes, wondering what the hell did I mean.


I believed that if they were to have a true connection with the audience they needed to start by connecting to themselves then flow outwards to their fellow skaters, the music, concept, costumes, everything around them and ultimately the audience.


Quotes Skills Class

Every morning we did an on ice class to warm up and hone their skills.  I started with a new quote each day during the whole 8-week rehearsal period (i.e. 6 days per week).  I would ask them ‘what did this quote mean to them or say to them’.  Many starred at me blindly.  I would then express my thoughts on the meaning.  Then I would ask them, ‘how could they use this directly in their skating or the way they listen to the music, or speak or work with their colleagues and more’.  My sense was they thought I was rather gaga as they only wanted to learn the choreography, slap on their make-up and just get on with the show.



At the end of the first year of tour, I was rewarded by many of the skaters coming up to me or giving me cards expressing to me how this had changed their lives, the way they looked at their skating and performing and how they embraced the audience in a different way.


‘I started thinking about Energia and the big personal transformation that I have experienced during those three years. I want to thank you for giving me this lesson in life.’ Madelene van Beuzekom, Professional Skater ‘Energia’, The Netherlands


Connective Energy

Energia was about connecting to the skaters personal energy and the energy around them. The show was a success and everyone wanted to come and visit this show and skaters because of their creativity and energy.  It was infectious!


QC365 comes alive!

Some years later, I instantly went back to Energia in my mind.  I had an Aha Moment when I heard friends saying how much they loved quotes. That was as far as they went though. There seemed to be no further inner contemplation of connecting to the energy behind the wise words nor nothing regarding relating the meaning to their lives.  So Aha!, I thought why not create an simple App to take the quotes further, deeper and to a more energetic connection.  That is when the road to QC365 appeared.  You are now experiencing the result of that journey, only to be found through connecting to QC365.


Kevin Cottam, BSc, ACC, CCM,